Most people have heard of home staging or know someone that has had their home staged, but really why is this becoming such as important aspect of selling your home? What benefits does it really offer? All of this is explored with the article below; Why should I Stage my House?

7 benefits of having your home professionally staged for selling.

1. Sell faster

Study after study shows that staged homes sell faster than homes that have not been staged. Everyone knows that selling your home is not easy. It can be stressful trying to maintain a “perfect” house just in case someone decides that they want to come see it. You never know when you will need to up and leave because your real estate agent called to book a showing. Often times these showings are scheduled in the evening. Not exactly the greatest end to your work day….hey you can’t come straight home, kick your shoes off and relax, because there’s someone coming to see your house. I personally think that the fastest you can sell your house and go back to normal, the better! Home Staging can help with this.

2. Sell for more money

Because staged homes look better in photos, virtual tours and in person, they become more in demand and therefore draw a higher offers. In many cases this can mean multiple offers over list price.

3. More showings

In today’s real estate market virtually all real estate agents market homes online (or at least they should!) because a vast majority of people begin their search online, even before they contact a realtor to assist them in their search. Staged homes look better in photos and virtual tours than non-staged homes. These first impressions are enormously important as they grab the buyers attention and increase the likelihood that they will include your home on their, very short list, of must see houses.

4. Appeal to a larger group of potential buyers

Home Staging is designed to ensure that the home, inside and out, is finished in such a way that it appeals to largest group of buyers possible. This is the driving force behind staging. We take out the unique touches that may only appeal to a limited number of people and add a simple warmth and charm that a larger group of people will feel connected to.

5. Staged homes feel well maintained

Buyers are looking for homes that have been well maintained, not neglected. One of the major elements of staging is looking at the condition of the home, making sure that all doors close properly, door handles are not broken, no lights are burnt out, etc. By addressing all of these cosmetic finishes, buyers will feel as though the home has been well taken care of and will feel much more comfortable that any “major” issues that may come up over the years, has been taken care of as well. Buyers will have a much greater sense of confidence when deciding on making an offer to purchase.

6. Home Staging creates a positive first impression

At the end of the day, when buyers are reviewing their thoughts on all of the homes that they have seen, staged homes stand out with positive memories – remember the house with the big master bedroom, or the bright and sunny kitchen? – rather than, remember the house with all the weeds in the garden, or the one with the stained carpets? Staged homes evoke a feeling of a warm and inviting space with positive feelings. This stays with the buyers when they are making a decision on which house to buy.

7. Protects the value of your biggest asset

Since staged homes tend to sell faster and for more money, Home Staging can provide you with a level of protection regarding the value of your home. It offers you a return on your investment that can really surprise you. Why wouldn’t you want to make a little investment now and have it pay off in spades in just a short time?

In summary….staging works! Numerous studies have been conducted by organizations such as Home Gain and The Maritz Research Group, that have proven staged homes sell faster and for more money than properties that have not been staged.

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Home staging is an effective marketing tool designed to help you sell your home faster and for more money.

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